Plan d'accès


Association Caennaise
pour l'Accueil
et Habitat des Jeunes

68 rue Eustache Restout
14000 CAEN
Tél. : 02 31 52 19 96
Fax : 02 31 84 29 49
Email :

Be aged 16 to 30 years. Being in a mobile situation (Employees in
CSD apprentices in training, internship students, unemployed, living
alone or in pairs) or awaiting installation (looking for housing
the metropolitan area of Caen).
The APL units are contracted to stay for 1 month minimum.
Possible Home for the disabled.

Situation :
South of Caen connected to downtown and train station by tram and B buses.

Foyer for Young Workers:
4 T2 apartments furnished, showers, toilets, kitchenettes with refrigerator,
taken TV, telephones, individual mailboxes.
All apartments are furnished, showers, toilets, kitchenettes with refrigerator,
taken TV, telephone, individual mailboxes.
- 120 apartments from 20 to 25m ² including 6 15m ²
These homes are available for a period of:
- 1 week minimum,
- 1 to 6 months, under renewable contracts and adapted each situation.

Open from June 1 to September 30:
- 11 shared rooms with 4 beds
- 1 room with 6 beds collective
Rooms equipped with showers and toilets.

You can benefit
in subscribing,
equipment Wiifirst 
to connect 
Wireless Internet
from your room or home

Wifi system, meanwhile,
is used in the room